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Instagram Content Ideas For Your Business

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

How to create a full month of epic story and wall content for your Instagram Business page, without the stress!

Do you own a business and have a page on Instagram, but you are constantly feeling STUCK for ideas?

You want to share your products & services with your audience, but you don’t have a clue where to start?

Let me give you my top tips as an expert Social Media Manager, you will not only grow your audience, but build trusting & authentic relationships with the right type of followers for your business.

Content Tip #1 - Engage viewers right away

It takes less than one second to grab your viewers’ attention. It sounds scary, I know, but it is doable! If you are creating content, make sure your first line, title or hook is one that grabs attention. You can find your dream audience key words through seeing what type of content they engage with. You’ll need to some research, look at listening tools for SEO keywords, observe “competitors” pages and how they word their first line in an image/reel/story. This hook is something to connect with your viewers and makes them watch, or engage more and for longer! .

Content Tip #2 - Keep it on brand

Get your brand pack out. If you don’t have one, you need one. A brand pack will include colour codes, mood boards, logos, fonts, spacing, keywords and phrases and your ideal client avatar. We offer this at She’s Social if you haven’t gotten one yet, get in touch. Make sure that all your content, and we mean ALL your content; stories, posts, reels, highlights, everything, is curated to meet your brand guidelines. If you have brand photos of products or people, ensure the editing is done within the brand colours as well, the correct tones and hues in colours should match the overall feel of your brand. This builds recognition and trust with your viewers. Plus, it looks so much better!

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin

Content Tip #3 - Keep it consistent

When I first started She’s Social in 2020, I had so many ideas, so many visions that I genuinely couldn’t keep up! I took time to narrow down exactly what I wanted this brand to feel, look and sound like. It was a ton of trial and error and I did a lot of research. Once I got my brand pack, client avatar & guidelines organized, I knew I was ready to GROW. I created processes and found amazing tools to help with content, organization, and inspiration. Don’t think that posting once a month, then 5 times a week is going to work. You need to look at your numbers (analytics) and make a solid plan of how often you’ll be posting stories and feed content.

When I found consistency and that’s when I attracted new clients, new followers, new super fans and found my way in the online business world.

Content Tip #4 - Have a plan

Don't wake up and start to panic you don’t know what is going live on social media that day. You may have a flurry of emails, orders or other things that require your attention. That is OK. You may be ready to outsource your social media to an expert, if so, get in touch. If you prefer to to try to manage it on your own, that’s great too, but make sure that you have a solid plan and you’re not posting on a whim. People can see when you’re not clear on your message, not clear in your branding and that isn’t a way to build trust for your brand and business! She’s Social has created a FOOL PROOF plan for a month of stories & content posts: click here to download it FREE.

Content Tip #5 - Add you CTA

You may have heard this many times before, but without a strong call to action (CTA) your audience won't know what to do with your content. It sounds simple but you need to TELL THEM. It can be as simple as “tap the link in bio”, “comment below”, “like this post if...”, “share with someone who needs to see this”. The possibilities are endless, but you know what you want your viewer to do, so make sure you let them know.

Are you ready to have a months worth of amazing content pre-planned for you?

We have put together a FREE 2 page calendar resource for you to download that will give you ONE MONTH of STORY & POST prompts. Download it now.

PS. You can easily repurpose this content across all your social media channels: Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok & Facebook!

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